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John is a young man suffering from severe depression. As he loses his sense of purpose in life, he begins to see the world in unfocused gray. Just when he begins to lose all hope, John meets a girl… a very special girl in Crimson Gray.

Crimson Gray

About Crimson Gray

Though Lizzie appears affectionate and devoted, it quickly becomes clear that she’s so violent and unstable that a normal boy would run away from her. But when John sees her, he sees someone else suffering from a mental condition. John is willing to risk his safety for a chance to help Lizzie gain some mental stability. Lizzie is willing to murder everyone in school if she believes it would make him happy.

Your every choice will impact both characters’ mental states, changing their fate. John might reject Lizzie, succumb to his depression, or die violently. Lizzie might lose control and ruin her chances or become obsessed with shadowy conspiracies that may or may not exist. Or just maybe the two of them might be exactly what the other needs and their story could end in happiness…

Key Game Features

• A deep storyline in which characters react to decisions in complex, branching ways
• Multiple endings and high replayability
• Gallery mode to view unlocked scenes
• Uncensored sex scenes are woven into the story
• No DRM
• Windows, Mac, and Linux

Game Information

Platforms: Windows
Languages: English
Publisher: Sierra Lee
Developer: Sierra Lee
Released: June 29, 2017
Size: 146.7MB
Price: $10

System Requirements

Windows System Requirement
OS: Windows XP or Newer
Processor: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics Chipset
Storage: 2 GB available space

Tags: Hentai, Yandere, Multiple Breasts, Uncensored, Horror, DRM Free, Nurse

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