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One site that came up quite a bit in our research was Camonster. The name is kind of funny and the term seemed to get a good amount of searches on Google so people are looking for it. We did a quick search for the term “camonster” and oddly enough they didn’t even show up for their own name. This made us even more curious because that shouldn’t happen.

Our Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

What Is Camonster?

Well, we just went directly to the site to see what’s up and recognized it right away. It’s a Streamate white label (everything is Streamate just rebranded) so really Camonster is just a logo (it is a cute logo though). They send traffic to their brand and get a cut from Streamate of whatever their customers spend.

CamonsterThis is fine but as a cam viewer, there is really no point in going there instead of to the source. The reason we included this site in our reviews, which are typically only of true cam sources, is because people seem to be looking for them a lot.

This isn’t meant to be some kind of exposé, there’s no harm in using a white label. It’s literally a domain redirect to the source site so there is no danger. This was just meant more as a heads up, like “hey Camonster is really just Streamate so you might as well go there”.

Feel free to skip straight to our Streamate review below… we’re just thinking out loud now. But we wondered why this white label ended up getting some much attention? Slutroulette is another Streamate white label but they have a very obvious affiliate program and a lot of marketing.

All we found for Camonster were a bunch of kind of shoddy (but very positive) reviews that completely gloss over what it is. So maybe this was one or a small group of affiliates busting their ass making sites pointing to Camonster. We’ll probably never find out but whatever they did left enough of an impression that people are still looking for it now.

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  1. I don’t understand what is the point of these websites that just redirect you to another website. Who’s exactly gaining from it? It’s kinda annoying when you are looking for some content but all they do is make you bounce around like a ping-pong ball. No wonder they got a one-heart rating from you.

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