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RealLifeCam is a site that slipped by us for quite a while. We just never saw the name come up so when we did we figured it probably wasn’t a big deal. But after digging in we could see a lot of people search for it so here we are.

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Just like Camarads, RealLifeCam is not a typical sex cam site with cam girls and such. You’re not tipping anyone, talking to anyone or controlling the action in any way. It’s a voyeur cam site, kind of like “reality” TV except it’s not scripted and you get to see sex. There are cameras set up all over the living space and most rooms have multiple angles. It’s live and these people have actual lives so there are a lot of times where you’re just seeing empty rooms.

RealLifeCamWe checked the site out and as a guest and you’re pretty limited as to what you can do. You can view a limited number of apartments and only a few of the less private rooms, generally the living room or kitchen. All the rooms were empty with the exception of one with a girl sleeping on a couch. She was covered up mostly so not much going on.

Update: One of the free cams actually had a couple on a couch. She was jerking him off and he was rubbing her pussy. Not like crazy in porn but just sort of casually. Then she gave him a blowjob and they fucked. So you can see stuff as just a guest.

There are couples, singles (girls), and roommates (all girls also that we saw). In all, there are 22 apartments currently with more than 270 cameras. Just the little bit we saw of the sleeping girl was fascinating. It manages to feel exciting, creepy and boring all at the same time.

One thing of note, this is There is also and this one gives off a warning that the page may be unsafe. We went anyway and it was a lot of popups and things you don’t want. It seemed like recorded videos of past live cams and a bunch of other stuff.

Overall the site seems pretty cool and if you’re into voyeur cams definitely worth checking out.


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RealLifeCam Cost

There are 2 levels of membership for the site, Standard and Premium.


This level is $29.95 per month. With this, you get 7 apartments and you can stream up to 3 cams at the same time. To be honest this seems like a waste of money compared to Premium. If you’re going to go ahead and sign up you should probably just spend the extra for it.


This level is $44.95 per month, $114.95 for 3 months (15% discount), or $199.95 for 6 months (25% discount). You get all 22 apartments, 5 streams at a time, a motion detector thing that shows you which cams have movement, auto-follow the top cam, full-screen mode, and RLC Remote. The video player on the site runs on Flash so we couldn’t get them to work on mobile but RLC Remote, we think, lets you watch on mobile.


OK, so there actually are tokens in RealLifeCam. They can only be bought by Premium members and they are used to buy replays. You can spend money to view replays from the last 24 hours. Basically, if you missed a really hot sex session and you want to see it. You don’t need tokens for anything else because like we said before you don’t interact with the people in any way.

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