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ImLive has been in the cam business since 2002 which has given them plenty of time to make a big name for themselves. Their global traffic rank according to Alexa is #8,276. Not bad at all but much lower than the big sites that are in the top few hundred globally. I’m not sure if you care much about the traffic stats but it’s interesting to us. Moving on…

Our Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

ImLive has a different feel to it than many of the other cam sites. The first thing you’ll notice (well the first thing we noticed) was that the site looks a bit dated. The whole top of the site, the menus, the icons, the header all just felt like a throwback. It’s not really a big deal, the site does everything it’s supposed to do. It just stands out.

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They also put a lot more focus on a smaller set of models. The area each model takes up on the list page makes it so there are only about 6 on screen at a time. You can filter your search to your liking (age, body type, etc.) but it’s not very intuitive. You have to go into advanced search to do it.

ImLive, from our experience, has around 500 hosts (models) on at a given time. Of course, this fluctuates through the day. This is pretty middle of the road as far as cam sites go. It’s a good selection but not nearly as much as the mega sites.

Starting out as a guest, you’re unable to chat in the model’s room.  You’ll be prompted to make an account for free. It cuts down on the crap clutter quite a bit.

IMLiveA cool thing about ImLive is that your free account pretty much lets you do anything on the site. You’ll still need to pay for most of the models time but this is just how it works pretty much everywhere. One thing you can do here that you can’t with a free account at most other cam sites is contact the models directly. Behave yourself.

There are 3 levels of membership beyond the standard free one. You have Silver, Gold, and VIP, all of which are free, sort of. There are no ongoing monthly membership fees, which is great, we hate those. You still have to spend to get them.

Once you’ve spent a certain amount you are automatically and permanently bumped up a level. There aren’t really any new features to unlock but you get a lot of discounts and free access shows and such. As far as how memberships work we really like how ImLive does it. Give you everything and then just give you tons of discounts and freebies.

All-in-all ImLive was a mixed bag for us. We really loved how they handle memberships but the feel of the site just wasn’t really up to what we’ve come to expect. Worth checking out for sure though.

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ImLive Credit Pricing

From what we could find the credits are $1 each. As you buy larger packages there are sometimes discounts. When you sign up for a free account you get 50 credits free once you’ve entered payment details.

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  1. I visit a few cam sites here and there and ImLive is also on my list. It’s not really that bad at all. Not the best of it’s kind but it’s got its perks. It’s cool that they give you some free credits once you sign up and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for your membership.

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