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What’s your dirty hobby? Is it gardening? Maybe it’s rebuilding car engines? Well, MyDirtyHobby is an adult community site where amateurs host live cams, record videos, share pictures, chat and more. They’ve been doing this a long time too, since 2006.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

They remain a very popular site coming in at #5,464 for traffic globally and they are one of the most popular porn sites in Germany. You’ll see many of the users are from Germany but they do have a large user base throughout the rest of Europe and North America.

MyDirtyHobby is more varied than most of the cam sites we’ve looked at. Live cams are only a part of it; when we checked there were around 170 cams online. Way less than the big sites but they have a lot of other content as well.

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It’s hard to call this a free cam site because you really aren’t going to get anything for free here. They stress that you can sign up for free, which technically you can. And you have to because everything is locked down. After you sign up you’re directed to a payment page to buy “Dirty Cents”, which sounds like shit you find in your couch. As far as we can tell there is no way to use your account without buying something. Everything redirects to this page for us.

When you do buy their currency you need to spend it to do pretty much anything on the site. Want to see a picture? Dirty Cents. A full set? Dirty Cents. Video? Dirty Cents. There is no subscription fee but we find it very difficult to spend like this when there is infinite free porn out there.

So this severely limited the amount of time we spend on the site because we didn’t want to pay without seeing anything. We have no doubt that they have a lot of content. We’ve seen numbers as high as 40,000 amateurs and 5 million members. And we’re sure a lot of that content is really good and exclusive to the site. You don’t get 5 million members for no reason.

But we just didn’t see the point. We’re in it for the cams anyway. Oh, and the answer to the question “how dirty are they?” from what we’ve read is pretty fucking dirty.

MyDirtyHobby Credit Prices

  • $10.00 for 800 credits
  • $15.00 for 1200 credits
  • $25.00 for 2000 credits
  • $50.00 for 5200 credits
  • $75.00 for 7800 credits

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  1. I guess it might be worth paying if you’re looking for exclusive content. If that’s what some people want, then more power to them. But, of course, the usual users will be satisfied with whatever they can find for free. It seems pretty popular and the website has a lot of members. Having to pay for everything is a downside but it might be worth checking out.

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