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Flirt4Free, from what we can find, is the oldest camming website. Everything we found said they started in 1996, which is older than the vast majority of the websites on the Internet. While they weren’t doing streaming cams back then it’s still cool that they’ve been around so long. They are one of the bigger cam networks as well, ranking at 758th globally in traffic.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Flirt4Free has a lot of models that you’re not going to find on other sites. In the cam world, there are actually not that many sites that operate their own cams. Most of the ones reviewed on this site are originators but there are thousands that use these feeds. They are one of the originators. They have a lot of very high-quality performers.

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Flirt4FreeFlirt4Free has a good range of categories as long as you aren’t getting crazy specific. While they do have a lot of models, you won’t see quite as many online at one time like you would with Chaturbate or MyFreeCams. Instead of 1,000+ you’re looking at maybe 300-400.  Yeah, it’s less but honestly in the cam world it’s more about finding someone you’re really into, not 100s. But if you’re the type of person to just jump from cam to cam constantly then you’ll be a little more limited here.

Like most cam sites, you can do a lot at Flirt4Free, well, for free. It would be a bit disappointing if you couldn’t considering their name. You can watch unlimited cams, participate in basic chat and add favorites with a free account.

Premium membership is for any member that has entered their credit card details. You also get 120 credits free, even without spending anything. Premium gives you the ability to contact models, get notifications when your favorites are on, enter private chats or party chats and you can preview the videos models have for sale.

VIP is the highest level and it comes with a lot of bonuses. You get the best video quality, the ability to block unregistered users in chat (they really clutter it up), access to free photos and videos, access to hour-long shows for VIP members, a 5% discount on videos and more. VIP membership is a monthly $39.95 fee. You don’t need it but it does open up a lot of content and options if you want it.

Overall Flirt4Free is a very high-quality cam site. The 120 free credits are a great incentive to sign up, even if you never end up spending with them.

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Flirt4Free Credit Cost

  • 225 credits for $25
  • 500 credits for $50
  • 1,050 credits for $100 – 50 credit free
  • 2,700 credits for $250 – 200 credits free
  • 2,875 credits for $250 – 375 credits free
  • 5,750 credits for $500 – 750 credit free
  • 6,250 credits for $500 – 1250 credits free

There is also an autoload option. But you actually pay a slightly higher rate per credit for it, which seems backwards. You’re better off doing manual loads and your bank account may be better for it also.

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  1. So you can get 120 free credits for just signing up and entering your details? Just enough to check some paid features of the website and see how you like it. You can always use up your free credits and don’t buy new credits if the free content is enough for you. Sounds like a good deal to me. I’ll check it out!

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