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When we first found out about Camarads we figured it was just another cam site. Let’s be honest, most cam sites are pretty similar in design and concept. Well, we were wrong here, completely wrong. Camarads is just straight up voyeur (consensual) cams, all day, every day.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)*

*A quick note about our rating. This was a hard one because of how different it is. If you’re looking for cam girls and private shows and such you won’t like this. But for what it is it’s awesome.

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The Camarads (like comrades or camera ads? we don’t know, probably the first) homepage is just a large number of live feeds. They look a lot like what you’d see on reality TV shows like Big Brother or something. You’ll have a live feed up in the left corner picked at random.

CamaradsAt the time of writing, there were 10 apartments, some with couples, some solo, and some mixed groups. Each apartment has a camera with audio in each room that you can switch between. Most of them are locked for free users. Free users really can’t do much. After a few minutes, you’ll be forwarded to a payment screen.

Membership is $29.90/month or if you buy for 3 or 6 months at a time you get additional discounts. That’s it, with a membership you have full access to the site. There is no tipping, private shows, etc. These people aren’t putting on a show, they are being recorded living their lives and you get to watch. Granted they add and remove cams based on feedback, so the subjects tend to be young, attractive, naked and having sex quite a bit. Since there are only 10 apartments Camarads are very selective about who lives in “the villa”.

Info on Camarads is pretty scarce, even on their website. They make mention of the villa but we don’t really know if it’s real or not. The apartments do look pretty similar so maybe there is a compound where all these people live. Or maybe it’s just marketing and it’s people all over. We don’t know.

On great feature is the 24-hour playback on any cam. While it’s fascinating to watch people just living their life part of the thrill is seeing them do things you wouldn’t otherwise, having sex, being naked, etc. So with the replay, you can skip around to find what you want when you’re not watching live. Because a lot of the time is mundane stuff and empty rooms.

Will You Like Camarads?

We have no idea. As we said it’s nothing like a regular cam model-type site. It’s a life cam site and 90% of the time it’s probably going to be boring. But that doesn’t mean it’s not captivating as well.

Check out the site. You can’t do much for free but it will give you enough of a taste to know exactly what the site is about and whether it’s something you’d be into. It’s different, but what they do they do well.

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  1. This really is something different. It’s not something you would expect from a cam site. It’s like a reality TV show that is not staged and edited. I guess, there are a lot of people out there who would enjoy watching something of that sort if a website like that exists. I wonder, who is their target audience.

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