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iFriends is an interesting case, as far as cam sites go. The site started out in the late 1990s as an adult site. In 2001 the site seems like it tried to go “clean”. They became a webcam portal for all things, their motto was “Where Web Conferencing and eCommerce Meet”. This didn’t seem to last long. They resurfaced again as an adult cam site and have remained ever since.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

As far as cam sites go iFriends is pretty typical. You can use some search categories and filters to find who you’re looking for. The site is fine… it’s just that it looks old. Yes, we’re superficial, but this is a site about cams and looks have a lot to do with how much money you can make. This is usually in reference to the models but still. The icons, the logo, the navigation menu, they all just look like they needed to be replaced 5 years ago. If you don’t care then just ignore most of what you just read.

iFriendsThe cams are good, they have nice quality feeds and there is a good selection of performers. The times we were on there were around 250 models on. Not a huge number but still a lot a browsing you can do. The site does seem to be on the decline though. The site has been decreasing in traffic for years and right now it’s all the way down to #89,436 for traffic globally.

iFriends lets you sign up for free or you can go for the VIP monthly subscription for $6.95/month. If you’re going to spend money here it’s worth the small monthly fee. You get access to features like cam-to-cam, sneak peaks, picture and videos, and discounts.

One thing that was a little worrying when we researched iFriends was that a lot of complaints came up about being charged for things they didn’t order. So be sure to double check when you purchase that you haven’t selected any addons.

We weren’t really too big on iFriends. It isn’t that it’s a bad site but it just seems to be lagging behind a lot of the other cams right now.

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iFriends Credit Prices

They actually make it more simple than most other cam sites. You put money in and that is how much you have. You do get a bonus amount on top of it, generally about 10%.

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  1. iFriends can’t really compete with the popular websites like Chaturbate and the like but it’s not really that bad considering that it exists since the 90s. Sure, it needs some redesigning but it’s the content that we all come for. As long as the cams are good, all is good. And the monthly subscription isn’t really that pricey which is a plus.

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