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Before we review we’d like to apologize. This review is going to be sort of confusing and pointless but that’s just how it is. First off there is and They are not the same but they are both live cam sites so that’s helpful. Here’s the thing about both of them; they aren’t really their own sites. We’ll explain below.

So this site is just a white label or it’s owned by the company. Either way whoever owns the domain has a pretty valuable thing on their hands. Anyway, the site looked familiar when we first got there.

WebCam.comJust to be sure we browsed through the Terms & Conditions page for more detailed contact info. A familiar name came up. IFC Technologies… which is the owner of CamBuilder (a very popular white label program)… which is powered by… Streamate!

So if you want to check out their review do so below.

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So we also went to this site. Another very nice domain name. At one point in time, this was an independent cam site. But in 2016 they were acquired by MyDirtyHobby and rebranded as the cam portion of the website.

WebCams.comWe don’t know what the old site was like and we didn’t take the time to look it up because it doesn’t really matter much now. We also reviewed MyDirtyHobby.

If you want to read more about them you can below.

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We didn’t rate these sites so they’ll end up with the default 1/5 score. We’re not saying that Streamate and MyDirtyHobby are 1s but basically that these sites aren’t stand-alone cam sites. We feel like it’s always best to just go to the source if possible. The more middlemen you have the more people you have trying to take a cut of the money, so it’s often more expensive with inferior support.

Is that the case here? We don’t know because we stopped after we figured out what they were.

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  1. Thanks for writing these reviews. It seems like there are quite a lot of websites that act as middlemen. Everyone wants to have their share without doing much or any work at all. It’s best to just stick to the reliable source cam sites. It saves both time and money.

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