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As you probably already know the adult industry is huge. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year giant that just keeps growing. A common misconception is that no one pays for porn. While it’s true that a lot of people don’t pay anything there are still many who do. And some of these people spend a lot of money to find exactly what they want. We’re going to cover the most lucrative webcam affiliate programs out there. You’ll see why you need to be promoting them.

Why Promote Cam Sites?

The biggest spenders out there spend it on cams. Why? Because they get to interact with real people. They make a connection with someone and spending money on a person is a lot different than paying for access to HD porn. There is no way to duplicate this with videos, artificial intelligence or anything like that.

Webcam Affiliate Programs Make MoneyThe biggest spenders usually have a favorite girl or guy, maybe a couple. But they usually fall for one in particular and that is when the most money is spent. Especially for people with money to burn dropping a few thousand in a month on one cammer isn’t uncommon. And they can have the good feeling of are enriching that person’s life by helping to support them financially. We’re not trying to make this out to be some kind of charitable act, just stating why spending on cams is so addictive.

How Do Payments Work?

Cams usually run off of 1 of 3 payout types: pay per lead, pay per signup or sale, and revenue share. So what is going to make the most bank in the long run and what do you need to do to get there?

  • Pay Per Lead – Every time someone creates an account (it can be single optin or double optin) you get a set amount for the lead. The payouts generally vary by GEOs and devices. For example, a lead from Norway will net you more than one from Spain. It’s all calculated out by the advertiser based on past performance. PPL prices generally go up to about $5 max, most are lower.
  • Pay Per Signup or Sale: This involves someone actually whipping out their credit card. Pay per signup is usually for a site with a free account, but one that requires a credit card that isn’t charged. Makes it easy to spend right? Pay per sale requires someone to actually buy tokens or credits. It’s usually not a lot but this lets the advertiser know they have someone willing to spend. Pay per signup usually goes up to around $50 while pay per sale can reach into the hundreds of dollars.
  • Revenue Share: Ah rev share… by far the hardest to start and stick with but it’s way, way better than the rest. With the other two, they buy you out. Yes, you convert more often and there is less risk on your part. But most programs are lifetime rev share, your referrals are with you forever whenever they spend. We’ve seen as high as 65% rev share, though most range from 20% to 40%. It takes a while but if you can get some spending referrals you can start generating a growing passive income.

So rev share is the obvious choice. And with PPL and PPS you’ll get kicked off the program if your traffic is crap and doesn’t make the advertiser money. So basically if they let you keep running PPL or PPS it’s because it’s making them money and you’d have been better off with rev share.

What’s the Gameplan?

But here’s the thing. Rev share takes time and patience. It could be months before you land a few good customers. And even when they start spending, unless they are a whale, you’re just trickling in income. If you depend on paid traffic you’re sinking money into this every day with basically no initial return. Unless you’re running a huge budget you’re going to run out.

You need to mix the two. At the beginning with a limited budget it’s best to go mostly PPL. PPL will let you see which sites create signups and which sites click bomb your budget with shit traffic. If you can just run even you’re still making a blacklist and whitelist for free. Mix in some rev share links. Even if just 5% of your traffic goes to rev share it will build you a small userbase over time. If you can manage it up it a bit more, 15%, 25% whatever you can. The goal is to build a passive income over time and eventually get to the point where you can switch full rev share.

Keep in mind this could take years. But if you’re going to do this you’re going to have to commit to it.

What Are the Best Webcam Affiliate Programs?

Let’s get down to specifics. Which programs make you money? Remember you can try as many as you want to see what works for you. You may end up promoting multiple sites.

Crak Revenue

Crak Revenue is an amazing CPA network. While they aren’t cams only they have a ridiculous amount of them. So many big names in one place. IMLive, MyFreeCams, Live Jasmin, iFriends, CamSoda and a lot more big names. They also have a bunch of niche cams. On top of that, they have 100s of other offers including dating, games, and health verticles. It’s the one-stop adult CPA network.

PPL up to $5
PPS up to $165
Rev Share up to 65%

Crak Revenue Affiliate Network

Click Here to Sign Up for the Crak Revenue Affiliate Network


Chaturbate comes up all the time because they are the biggest in the industry right now. They don’t have the highest payouts but they are easy to convert because they are so recognizable.

PPL $1
Rev Share of 20%
Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up for the Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE)

AWE is one of the main affiliate points of contact for Live Jasmin, one of the biggest cam sites, as well as some smaller niche sites. They have very high PPS payouts and great rev share too. To top it off they a great whitelabel program and promo tools.

PPS up to $300
Rev Share up to 45%

AWEmpire Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up for the AWE Affiliate Program


As you’ve probably guessed, BongaCash is the affiliate program for BongaCams. The payouts aren’t as high as some of the others above but it’s still a really solid cam program.

PPL up to $4.50
Rev Share up to 25%

Bonga Cash Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up for the BongaCash Affiliate Program


ClickCash’s main cam site is iFriends, though the program does have some other smaller cam sites. Its sites aren’t quite as popular as some of the others mentioned but they are definitely worth checking out.

PPL $1 per email
PPS up to $200
Rev Share of 35%

ClickCash Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up for the ClickCash Affiliate Program

SexTracker MoneyTree

SexTracker MoneyTree (yes, it’s an awful name) is the affiliate program for Streamate as well as a few other niche offerings. Most of the offers are PPL but they have rev share for Streamate.

PPL up to $40
Rev Share of 30%

SexTracker MoneyTree Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up for the SexTracker MoneyTree (Streamate) Affiliate Program


Flirt4Free has been around for a very long time, they know what they are doing. Their program offers a variety of payout models and a lot of good promo tools including white labels.

PPL up to $2
PPS up to $50
Rev Share up to 30%

Flirt4Free Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up for the Flirt4Free Affiliate Program

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