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CamSoda is one of the biggest sites in the adult webcam industry. They are also one of the most innovative cam sites and for sure the most ridiculous. We’ll get into some examples here shortly. Also, what the hell is a cam soda anyway?

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

At first glance the site looks about like any other cam site out there, well maybe a little brighter with their hot pink color scheme. But everything is pretty familiar. You’ve got your list page, you hover over to see live video, click if you want to go in the room, chat, etc.

CamSodaBut two things set them apart. The first is they treat their models really well. Not to say that other cam sites don’t. But CamSoda gives models the chance to earn almost 80% of the gross revenue, which is higher than average. Another thing they do that is really cool is payout a bonus to models for health insurance. If they are making over a certain threshold they will pay out a bonus with proof of health insurance. It’s not enough to cover premiums but it’s cool that they help with it.

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So what’s number two? Well, they are extremely innovative, to the point where we’ve had to figure out if they were pulling a prank or not. For a lot of them, we’re going to assume joke until proven otherwise. They have a good sense of humor.

  • Launched a service called BlowCast. Recordings of performers giving POV blowjobs on the company’s smart dildo (yes we said smart dildo). Customers then use a synced masturbation sleeve to get the feeling they are with the performer.
  • Virtual reality sex. Very similar to the blowjob situation above.
  • Holographic girls.
  • Paying people to just broadcast their life for $200 a month and free Internet. You don’t have to get naked or do anything. People can just watch you sit around.
  • The RubGrub. A vibrator that automatically orders a pizza after you orgasm. Probably a joke but not 100% sure.
  • And last but not least… Dickometrics. Just guess… you’re probably wrong. You can login to the site with your dick. Like a fingerprint or retina, except it’s your dick.

They have a fun area of the site called the Lab where you can find out the latest ridiculous thing they are working on. While some of the stuff is just goofy they really are helping to push the limits of what online adult entertainment can be.

Check out CamSoda, you won’t be disappointed.
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CamSoda Token Pricing

  • 100 Tokens for $9.99
  • 210 Tokens for $19.99
  • 550 Tokens for $49.99
  • 1205 Tokens for $99.99
  • 3100 Tokens for $249.99

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  1. It may be one of the biggest sites but I’ve never heard of it before. But it’s pretty cool what they’re doing with health insurance for the models and everything. Sounds like a business I might want to support. Ha-ha! Not to mention the virtual reality experience and all the innovations. They’re really having fun with what they’re doing.

  2. i was browsing through different cams to see which one is best and i stumbled across this blog. Thanks for the info i will be picking CamSoda.

  3. I wonder what they are gonna come up with next. CamSoda is more than just a regular cam site. They seem really serious when it comes to innovations. No idea how most of it works though. Do you need to buy some special equipment? Do they have a shop for that? LOL

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