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So you like the idea of being able to make money from home on your own schedule? Do you like putting yourself out there for the world to see? It’s ok if you’re a little shy, you’ll get over it. The term webcam jobs makes it sound like a regular job but it’s anything but. It’s not a typical job 9 to 5 but if you want to make a decent (or amazing) income from camming you’re going to need to commit yourself.

Becoming a cam girl (guys jump in too, it’s just that the vast majority of cammers are girls so we’ll probably refer to girls) is actually really easy these days. There a pretty good chance you already have everything you need to become a cam girl.

Here’s a Quick Checklist of What You’ll Need:

  • A fairly recent computer/laptop. You don’t need anything super powerful but you need a computer that isn’t going to crash while you’re camming. Anything bought new in the last few years should work.
  • A cam for your webcam jobsA good webcam. It doesn’t have to be super expensive but don’t use a built-in laptop cam or some crappy $10 cam you found lying around. You can get a nice cam that takes HD video. Bad video = no one watching.
  • A high-speed Internet connection. This is a must. Just like the camera, bad video = no one watching. To stream in 720p you’re going to need about 3mb/second and to do 1080p you’re going to need 6 mb/second. Don’t skimp on this, get the best you’re able to get if you’re serious about this.
  • Good lighting and room setup. People want to see you. And you want to be comfortable. You don’t need an elaborate set and you can adjust later on. But try to make it good for you and the viewers. Check out some other cams first if you need ideas.
  • Things to wear & play with. Again you don’t need anything crazy (unless you’re going for the fetish crowd) but something that gives you a little uniqueness helps.
  • Proof that you’re 18+. You’ll need a government-issued ID before you start camming. Even if they don’t ask for it right away you’re going to need it to get paid and prove you’re not underage.

So that seems like a lot but really it’s not. It’s all pretty basic other than the cost of the computer and Internet access.

Where to Start Looking for Webcam Jobs

Here’s a list of some of best places to start out camming. Remember with webcam jobs you are working for yourself so you don’t need to sign any contracts or anything of the sort. Feel free to try out multiple sites to see what fits you best.

Chaturbate Broadcaster Signup

The easiest place to start is probably going to be Chaturbate. They get the most traffic of any of the cam sites currently and getting started is super easy. One thing to remember is you aren’t going to get rich overnight camming at any site. Even if you’re super hot (and no you don’t have to be to cam, people like all sorts of different things) you probably won’t draw an instant, tipping crowd.

Click Here to Sign Up at Chaturbate

LiveJasmin Models

Live Jasmin is another very popular cam site that you’ve likely seen advertised everywhere, assuming you’ve been on adult sites. The site is more slick looking and the signup page has supermodel type people on it. Really I think this does the brand a disservice because it can be kind of intimidating, like oh I need to be a supermodel. You don’t. If you want to cam with them go ahead and sign up. They pay very well.

Click Here to Sign Up at Live Jasmin

BongaCams Models

Another popular cam site that makes signing up a breeze. You can get set up quickly and the payouts are good. You’ll get paid weekly and there are lots of prizes and contests to add some extra incentives.

Click Here to Sign Up at BongaCams

Flirt4Free Models

Flirt4Free is the oldest cam site we could find (1996). They have a solid customer base with lots of VIP features to help your fans spend more.

Click Here to Sign Up at Flirt4Free

MyDirtyHobby Models

MyDirtyHobby has cams, but there are a lot of other ways to make money on this adult amateur community. They pretty much charge for everything so if you can attract some attention there is money to be made.

Click Here to Sign Up at MyDirtyHobby

iFriends Models

While iFriends is not quite as popular as the cam sites above they are a really good place to start out. They have a large affiliate network, ClickCash, that can help drive traffic to the website (and hopefully your cam). They have good payouts and some neat features like being able to take phone calls where the caller pays per minute. Of course, you can skip this if you’d like.

Click Here to Sign Up at iFriends

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