The 5 Hottest Free Sex Games

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1. Crystal Maidens

Crystal Maidens is a fun real-time strategy with tower defender elements. You enlist different hot maidens to help defend your island and as you progress you will unlock sexy scenes featuring your maidens. The battles are fun and always changing, which keeps it fun. There’s also a lot of character customization, equipment upgrades, crafting and buildings to make.

Crystal Maidens

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2. Sacred Sword Princesses

Sacred Sword Princesses perfectly fills in the RPG niche, with added nudity and sex, of course. The game features in-depth storylines with lots of interesting backstory for the girls you’ll be adding to your team. The story and gameplay are enough to keep you coming back but finding and fucking new girls is what really seals the deal.

Sacred Sword Princesses

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3. Fake Lay

Fake Lay is a dating sim/clicker where you take on all sorts of jobs, cab driver, director, masseuse, etc. just to fuck girls. You don’t really even know what you’re doing, hence the word fake in the title. It’s really fun seeing what you can pull off to get women in bed. Gameplay is a basic clicker, much like Fap CEO.

Fake Lay

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4. Chick Wars

If you’re into collectible card games then Chick Wars is for you. The turn-based battles are played out with your hentai girl cards. As you progress you collect more beauties and unlock hot scenes and lewd dialog. The battles play out on a board to add an additional level to the strategy. It’s a fun game with loads of sexy content.

Chick Wars

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5. Fap CEO

Have you ever dreamt of running your own sex video chat empire? No? Well, now that we’ve mentioned it do you want to? If so then play Fap CEO now. You’re building your business from the ground up, hiring hot chicks to work for you, and fucking them. The gameplay is simple, you’re basically just clicking, making decisions, etc. but there are tons of hot scenes to unlock and stories for all the girls.


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And yes, you can spend real money on these games if you want. But you can enjoy the whole game without ever touching your wallet. If you create a free Nutaku account now you’ll even get 100 free gold to start out with.

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