What Are The Best Webcam Sites To Start Off With?

If you are new to the adult webcam industry and have never done any kind of webcamming before, this article will give you a few easy steps to help you succeed in the webcam business.

If you have never cammed before the best advice is to visit the websites that you are interested in camming for.  Whether you saw the website online or perhaps a friend referred you.  There are two typical types of webcam platforms.  There is pay per minute sites and the tipping sites.

For most starters, my advice is to avoid the tipping sites.  You will most likely want to start off with popular websites with good traffic.  My first recommendation is Streamate.com.  They will start you off where you can make a decent per minute rate.  As you spend more time on the site, and you get increased ratings you are able to raise your rates.

Streamate and What You’ll Need In Order to Succeed On the IT Side
You need a very good camera.  Streamate loves HD, especially 1080 HD.  You can purchase a Logitech C920 webcam.  It’s very inexpensive, I believe you could find it on sites such as Amazon or eBay for under $50.00.  Be sure to download Streamate’s OBS.  This is their personal streaming for HD webcam.  This will help with your placement.  Placement consists of your bitrate, frames per second, and roundtrip time.  They have a page that you are able to check your numbers.  Trust me, this is very important.  Part of the rating system is your feedback from customers and of course, the number of hours spent online working.  This is how you can get yourself to be a page one model.

Let’s talk about the pay shows.  Streamate offers two types of shows.  Private and Exclusive.  Private shows are, more or less, group shows.  If you have a member in paid chat, other members who enter your chatroom will be paying your pay per minute rate for private shows.  Exclusive is one on one shows.  Therefore, while performing a live Exclusive chat, nobody else can enter.  That comes down to rates.  You always price your Exclusive chat shows for more money.  For example, you can price your Private shows at $3.99 per minute, but Exclusive chat charges $7.99 per minute.

Breakdown and advice of what you should do in each type of chat.  Most girls who are successful will do an average toy or sex show in Private chat.  They may offer full nudity, stripping, finger play.  As an Exclusive chat show, the girls are offering more, because it is more money per minute and also a way to get the guys to want the Exclusive chat shows.  You will always bank more on Exclusive.  You can offer Roleplay, Fetish Shows, such as JOI, CEI, SPH, Outfit Change, Phone Sex, Big Toys, Fuck Machines and the list goes on.

If you are new to the industry I will definitely suggest a pay per minute site.  You can try Streamate as suggested.  There are other pay per minute websites such as ImLive, iFriends, Cams.com, and many more.  Most of the girls’ startup site has been Streamate, including me.  The site also has a lot of other wonderful features included such as Gold Shows, Interactive Toy Shows, Weekly Pay and more.

Once you get used to the camming industry, there is the option of tipping sites down the road.  The girls who work at those sites are experienced usually and are big-time hustlers.  They get online and work their asses off for every tip.  Not for nothing, but everyone who works in the adult industry and the cam industry, we all work our asses off.  It does not matter if your female, male, trans, straight, bisexual,  it is still a job.  With a job comes responsibility.  Nobody is going to hand over their money no matter how attractive you are.  This work is about personality and sexuality.

That is why there are many women who are older, heavier, super skinny, not considered a “Playboy” model and those ladies are making some serious bank.  It’s a service industry, this is a cross between sales and sexy customer service.  Also, do not do anything you are uncomfortable with.  For example, if you do not like or do anal in real life, do not do it on cam!  Only do the sexual acts that you feel comfortable with!  If you follow some of the advice in this article and take the time to study girls who are similar to yourself on these cam sites, you will succeed.

Then again, nothing in life comes easy!

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