Splitcamming – Using Your Time Wisely as a Camgirl

Guest Author: Raven Winter

Working as a camgirl or guy is not like your average 9 to 5 job.  There is no salary or hourly wage.  Therefore, we have to make the most of our time while working in the cam industry.  Some days are super hot and tons of traffic.  Dead zones are there too when it’s like a ghost town.  We all know from experience, you can sign on one day and make $100 an hour and be done with your shift so fast.  Perhaps, you have an appointment for your child or with a doctor, so you log off and come back.  When you come back, nothing is happening.  I think we all know what I am talking about.  How about the days you log into your “main” site and you’re literally making $9.00 per hour.  This is part of our job, this is the industry.  We are commission based paid sex workers.  Let us find a way to increase your earnings.  I always say, “Work smart, not hard”.

So “splitcamming” is probably what you will want to do.

What exactly is “splitcamming”?  Camsplitting is using software that allows you to broadcast across multiple sites. Camsplitting is very commonly used on very new camming sites. That’s because these sites don’t have tons of customer traffic yet, therefore models will split and still perform on their other sites. Camsplitting software can also perform some other actions, such as watermarking.

You can split your time between websites.  Choices that are good are pay per minute sites, such as if you were to split cam.  I would choose Streamate and ImLive at the same time.  I suggest any type of sites that are similar.  I say Streamate and ImLive, or Cams.com because they are generally very similar.  These are paid private show sites.  So, by being online on all three of these websites at once, your increasing your numbers to get a paid show.  If one site or all three sites, traffic is lame, you now tripled your chances at making money and making your financial goal much earlier in the day or evening.   You could do MyFreeCams and Chaturbate at the same time.  They are also rather similar and work the same.  You can use the same games as your topic line on both Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.  Tipping prices can be the same.  50 for Ass, 100 for Tits, you know what you expect from your token rates, so by flashing on one site, you may excite the guys on the other site.  This I have actually experienced.  A member from Chaturbate will tip you for ass, and MFC is seeing it also, now a MyFreeCams member is tipping for tits. Since these are similar sites, you get the basis of my idea as far as splitcamming these sites.

For starters, you will need a quality HD webcam.  One of the most popular and suggested webcams is the Logitech C920.  I personally recommend it.  You will also need splitcam software.  You can download VerySoft Webcam Splitter.  You can download this for free, but you will need to pay for the full version.  It is only $19.99 for a license.  I have had my license for over 5 years now, used it on new laptops and no problems.  It was the best software recommendation by a community of other camgirls.

Other great splitcam software is ManyCams, SplitCam, WebCamMax, SoftService and XLoveCam.  I still prefer VerySoft.

These are the simple basics of running your software.  You now split your webcam.  Super easy, you can cam up to probably four different websites all at one time.  Now you are using your time wisely.  Nothing is more horrible than sitting in an empty chatroom.  At least if one of the sites you are working doesn’t seem to have much traffic pulling into your room, you can flip between window tabs on your computer and see what is going on on your other sites.

When first starting out splitcamming, I would suggest starting with only two websites.  You need to get used to integrating yourself streaming live in more than one place.  Like previously mentioned, splitcam similar sites.  As you get yourself accustomed to split camming, add more.  I have splitcammed on four sites at once.  Just be on your game!  Don’t forget to close out all of your other chat rooms in you get a paid show!  I think we have all accidentally done that.  However, this could lead to getting your account banned.  You can’t be nude from the waist down on some of the camsites, and others you might be giving a free show.  Take your time!

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