Why Running an Adult Website is a Pain in the Ass

Before we start complaining we’ll say this: Running an adult website is fun and rewarding, in many ways. You get to look at porn and make money at the same time. For some people, this is probably a dream come true. For the most part, we’re in this group. But there is one aspect that is really a pain in the ass.

We’re going to be frank with you, we don’t have a giant office or really any office at all. Most of our content is written from homes and home offices. You can pretty much do anything online that you can do in person at this point in time. But one of the joys of working remotely is that you can work from anywhere you want. People that have worked remotely for any length of time know you can get a major case of cabin fever. Let’s go to a coffee shop, the library or the park on a nice sunny day…

It’s not what it looks like! I’m working!
Not so fast there buddy. See every one of these people around you? Well, when they walk by and see people fucking on your laptop screen one of a few things are going to happen. They will ignore it, they will ignore it then tell someone who will confront you or they will confront you. Because you are now a pervert. Look we’re not even saying they are wrong, what kind of weirdo looks at porn in a library? The kind that whacks it on the bus… and probably at the library.

But you’re just doing your job! We are fortunate enough that Cams Rated doesn’t really have much in the way of risque imagery on our actual site. It’s mostly text and mostly safe. But the problem is basically everything else we do is NSFW. Our promotions, our social media, any research we’re doing on sites we’re reviewing, it’s not ideal.

We’ve tried those screen things that only let you view it from a certain angle… We don’t really have a lot of confidence in these. Sitting with your back to the wall works, if you’re able to find seating. But mostly we find ourselves doing “safe work” like posting to the blog, checking analytics, and writing down the things we should be doing if we weren’t in public.

This is honestly a small complaint about a great job. But it is one we had never even considered until we got into the adult industry. So enjoy yourself but be smart and don’t end up on any lists you don’t want to be on.

Happy Adulting!

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