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Since the beginning, mankind has struggled against the dark forces in the world. There’s only one battlefront – the heart of man. Explore your darkest fantasies in Cherubim.


About Cherubim

Since the beginning, mankind has struggled against the dark forces of existence. There’s only one battlefront – the heart of man. The war of Good against Evil has pervaded life on Earth forever, everlasting, constant and immutable. No wonder God and Lucifer are so darn sick of it.

Even though the Creator and the Devil think the balance between Light and Dark has become impossible to break, the lesser parties in Heaven and Hell are playing their own games. Whether in Paradise or in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, angels, demons, heavenly bodies and evil incarnations of all types are vying for the best possible place in the afterlife.

Key Game Features

Play as a fallen sex cherubim and try to deprave as many women as you can. Yes, it is true that you lost your angelic attributes – wings, halo and all those oh so nifty tricks – but if you want to impress the guys in Hell you’ll need to find a way to do your job despite the limitations.

But, hey, you are still invisible to the girls, so it’s possible to influence their lives and make them all fuck like rut-crazed rabbits. Now, ditch that queasiness, do your job, and impress your new employer. It will be hard: he’s a man of wealth and taste.

You need to prove your worth! In your quest, you have been sentenced to a small city called Krumlovy; it’s a quiet town – a church with a small cemetery, the gas station, a hotel… nothing extraordinary… except you.
With your actions, you’ll need to rouse the demons of passion in the townsfolk. Teach them how to cheat, how to enjoy dirty and rough sex, redefine the concept of orgy and… well, imagination is your only limit.

That, and being a voyeuristic prick.

* Unique characters and setting
* Smart and funny adventure style gameplay
* Huge quantity of huge boobs and hungry pussies
* More than arousing sex scenes and situations
* 3 different endings
* Completely uncensored
* No DRM at all

Game Information

Platforms: Windows
Languages: English, Russian, German
Publisher: Sex and Glory Games
Developer: Sex and Glory Games
Released: September 14, 2016
Size: 113.8MB
Price: $5

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 1.2Ghz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics card: DX9.0 or better
Storage: 320 MB available space

Tags: Western, Angel, Succubus, Tattoo, Sextoys, Cheating, 3D, BDSM

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